Signet Marketing Co.,Ltd. is new marketing research company, established April 1, in 2009. We continue to chase both high-quality in detail digitize and analog which feeling warmth with a person and person, based on consumer network.
We aim to become expert groups we can get into the active deeply of the researchers of our clients and solve together.

To become expert groups in marketing research field and to contribute to the researchers of our clients.
To active with the motto, “marketing research must be scientific”
To continue gathering as well as providing accurate, reliable and high-quality information.
To maintain profits by performing a fair business trading by keeping in mind that the only remunerative company can contribute to society.
To give top priority to develop human resources who seek for constructive and novel ideas.
With the motto, “prepare pessimistically, and implement optimistically”, to address various issues in order to accomplish the impossible.
To create new value without existing sense of value
To stay ahead of the future of marketing research in a climate of uncertain times.
Based on the above acknowledgement, each of us will become a ‘marketing research supporter’, who is trusted by researchers of our client.

Company Profile

[Osaka Office / Headquarter]
530-0047 Japan
PHONE:+81-6-6131-3312 FACSIMILE:+81-6-6131-3313

[President-director] Shigeyo Oka
[Founded] April 1, 2009
[Main Bank] Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Amagasaki branch
[Associated Companies] Sig-net Co, Ltd
[Employee] 7 people
[Interviewer] 30 people (exclusive belonging)
[Investigator] 70 people