Our staff in count/analyze section used to be marketing researcher.
They provide as for not only tabulation services but also supporting of questionnaire making or planning of count etc.
Our flexible and speedy services by Quantum (counting software) are sure to satisfy you.
We offer Quantum program file and data-table if you have count/analyze section.
Of course we can accept an order of data analyze with an option.

[If you don’t have count/analyze section]

We can serve two services. One is “count/analyze”.
We can offer data-table making, quanvert-data making, change CSV, Excel, SPSS, etc into quavert-data, data-cleaning, logic-checking, data-entry, making collection of answers and after-coding/tabulation in free-answers, matching with pre-code data.
And another is “software developing”.
We can offer supporting, developing, and test with new system, and maintain and add more function to exist system, making homepage, compile exist information into database.

customer control system)