We have six different consumer database networks, and always accept registration from consumers.
We maintain the database and keep it updated all the time. In accordance with our client’s research need, it is possible to sort it out and to create new database for our client’s usage.

Sig-Net means

S→ significant
I→ information
G→ guest

This is your network with important information.

Sig-Net (Network of people aged between 15 and 70)
Young-Mama Sig-Net (Network of housewives who have a child aged between 5 and 15)
Gals Sig-Net (Network of high-school and college students aged between 15 and 22, who are highly motivated to consume)
Yochi-Yochi-Baby Mama Sig-Net (Network of expected mothers and new mothers who have a baby up to 4 years old.)
Active-Papa Sig-Net (Network of working father)
Puppy Owners Sig-Net (Network of dog owners. As more and more people own dogs these days, the number of registered members is increasing at a faster rate.
Office Lady’s Sig-Net (Network of working women aged between 18 and 40, who have the
greatest influence on market)