Field Service

Our field service helps
・when leave the intelligence to specialized agency and devote business and plan
・case of the information for a low subject of the incidence needed
・case of the accurate information needed soon
・when change to the intelligence in value price without useless expense
・when you have doubt towards the existing marketing method(recruiting, interview, etc)

We provide two research services

Human network business in Kansai and Kanto area
we recruit various subjects of product test, central location test, group interview, etc by area home researcher and helper

Field Operation business
we carry marketing service out by two approaches “research interview and direct marketing”

Area-home researcher and Recruit helper
(A) We conclude duties and secret maintenance contract with them. They take training once in two week. And they deploy recruit helpers in each area, and screen consumers based on screening questionnaire. Also they have their network of workers and students.
(R) We conclude secret maintenance contract with them whom took the training by area-home researcher. They just list housewives in consumer test, in a basic condition not to take bias.